Low Testosterone

(Low T)

Andropause is the male version of menopause. As men age and particularly after 45, testosterone levels decrease which can translate into decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, increased fatigue, mood swings and decrease in lean body weight.

Low testosterone can also lead to decreased bone density in men and it is a common cause of osteoporosis in men.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone replacement may be appropriate for some individuals, but it is important to recognize the potential risks of replacement including heart disease, prostate cancer, increase in hemoglobin count and decrease in HDL (good cholesterol).

Testosterone peaks in the morning and it communicates with the pituitary gland so when evaluating for testosterone problems, it is important to order the correct tests and at the correct time.

In addition, since testosterone binds to proteins and only active in the free form, it is important to look at binding. We provide a complete evaluation of hypogonadism (low testosterone) and, if appropriate, can offer various means of testosterone replacement. Replacement today comes in injections, patches and most commonly gels.

There are various types of testosterone gels, which are applied to different locations, and we can tailor treatments to unique needs and preferences.

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