Polycystic Ovarian


PCOS is a clinical diagnosis characterized by central obesity, hirsutisim (excessive androgen based hair such as facial hair) and irregular menstrual cycles.

Ovarian Cysts

Women with this syndrome are typically found to have multiple ovarian cysts, but today we know that one could have the syndrome even in the absence of these cysts.

Although there is no one specific test which defines the condition, there are biochemical tests that support it. It is important to distinguish PCOS from other less common conditions with similar presentations.

Generally speaking, PCOS is a state of insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism (excess testosterone production).


There are different levels of severity of PCOS and the medical (increased risk of diabetes and obesity), cosmetic and infertility implications can be frustrating to many of the patients with this syndrome.


In our practice, we can offer individualized help and therapies depending of patient’s preferences and concerns.

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